Researchers Have Converted Human Stem Cells Into Insulin-Producing Cells

Researchers have converted human stem cells into insulin-producing cells and demonstrated in mice infused with such cells that blood sugar levels can be controlled and diabetes functionally cured for nine months. Millman, Jeffrey R., Ph,.D. Nature Biotechnology. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. February 24 (online).  The article discusses the difficulties in obtaining specific types of stems cells, without off-target cells that can lessen or disrupt the effectiveness of the stem cells designed for the specific desired purpose. It summarizes the new techniques used by these researchers to overcome this difficulty, obtaining a substantially improved effect. . While the diabetes stem cell research and development is remarkable in itself, the technology to refine and produce very well targeted stem cell lines is promising for a huge range of beneficial applications, anything from treating various health concerns, to confronting anti-aging and alternatives to current plastic surgery techniques. Shopping Girls may soon be able to purchase stem cell products that provide truly beneficial cosmetic products, rather than most current options, which usually do not really do anything to legitimately treat aging, Sun damage, or similar issues. It could also end up replacing potentially harmful chemical products to do things such as change one’s hair type or color. Shopping Girl moms will have access to more options for safely treating health care issues of their families, and keeping themselves in top condition for optional functioning in their education, careers, sports interests, and other activities.

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