My Music

The first four songs are from a record I recorded in my bedroom 1980. You can read some of my story below.

Thomas King………

My Music:

My first 2 records. There’s a girl I know and Fire were the songs Mel Bly the President of Warner Brothers Records wanted to sign me after hearing them. I remember riding in the white Loony Tunes Jaguar when he told me they were the most commercial song’s he had ever heard, and asked how I did them. He also told me the rest of the bands originals were crap and that the Record Company would not accept them.  

So everyone that I recorded the songs with refused to tour with me unless Mel Bly singed their songs along with mine. Of coarse Mel told me to just go higher a backup band! After losing my so-called friends from the ordeal, I gave up music. This was also after MTV had censored my Video when they first started (see below), 

The flip side. The very first time I heard one of my songs on the Radio, was on the Mad Max Show at the San Diego State College Radio Station. Max asked me to come in for the show and check it out. As soon as he went on the air the first call was a request for my song “Pinhead”, It was truly wired to set there and hear a huge party of college kids on the radio requesting Max play Pinhead. 


The Senior VP of A&R at Disney/ Hollywood Records bought everything involved with the record that was ever done for his associates and himself. He claims it was Iconic Surf Rock. Flying V, Pig nose, drums and a Teac 3440 in my bedroom around 1979. I sold my first Harley for $1200.00 to pay for the cost to make it.


1982 Did You Ever Video

How MTV Became #1! 1982/1983  

I sent 2 of my videos to MTV and they got censored. I received the letter below witch I then called Miss. Cruger who ripped me a new one. She was screaming at the top of her voice “You are selling music not Pussy”! I asked her to please return my video due to it being the only copy that I could afford to have made. She informed me the tape was lost but they would tryto find it! After a sometime with MTV not contacting me, we made a conference call MTV to see what was going on. They still claimed the tape was lost, so while the others continued to speak with MTV I went to the bathroom. When I got back on the phone they were all fighting and one of the girls in my video was yelling we are going to sue MTV. I yelled just stop. Then Jamie Rosa told me that my videos were not lost and that he and others took it to show everyone they knew. And if I would not sue them they would air my songs if I would re-shoot them with just the band.  

We re-shot them but of coarse MTV LIED! They never aired them or return any of my calls! MTV went from “The Buggles” to having Strippers and Models in G-strings, Bikinis, Mini Skirts and etc. as their format just like my videos and became #1! Witch in turn changed the world. 

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